Hollywood Elite Turn Against Biden After Disastrous Debate Performance

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George Clooney, an ardent supporter of Democrat causes, penned a scathing op-ed piece in The New York Times yesterday calling upon President Biden to abandon his re-election bid mere weeks after hosting a lavish fundraiser for him. This stunning reversal raises questions about the sincerity of these self-proclaimed champions of democracy. According to Clooney, the […]

Biden Accelerates Draining of Social Security Because of Ukraine

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During every presidential election, we’re used to hearing someone claim that the other side of the political aisle wants to “cut Social Security.” That’s usually nonsense. It’s not working out that way in 2024, however. Joe Biden is actively draining Social Security to benefit his illegal alien pets, especially the new ones from Ukraine. The […]

A Parkinson’s Doctor Is Listed Nine Times on the White House Visitor Logs

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There’s been a lot of sudden speculation as to what is wrong with Joe Biden after his disastrous first debate with Donald Trump. Most non-experts agree that he has a terrible case of rapidly advancing, brain-eating dementia. Some medical experts have speculated, however, that Biden is struggling with some form of Parkinson’s disease. According to […]

Hamas Negotiations – Another Empty Promise?

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In yet another attempt to deceive the world, Hamas claims it has approved a US-backed ceasefire plan in Gaza. This comes after they committed heinous acts of terror against innocent Israelis just last October. Their actions speak louder than words – can we truly trust these militants? According to reports via the AP, Hamas dropped […]

GOP Operatives Are on the Ground Working for Cornel West

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This November, every vote is going to matter in the swing states that the Democrats stole in the 2020 election. Right as Joe Biden’s ship is sinking with many leftwing voters, Republican operatives are hard at work to offer them an alternative. The Trump Derangement Syndrome that most Democrats suffer from precludes them from voting […]

Prepping: It’s a Necessity in Today’s World

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There could be a world war, a civil war, a nuclear fallout…who knows what we could be looking at in the near future. Many people are becoming preppers so that they can be ready for anything. Are you prepared? Take a quick poll now: Can’t see the poll? Click HERE.

Find Non-Lethal Way To Disable Attackers Without Guilt or Jail Time

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As our society becomes increasingly volatile, many citizens are seeking ways to protect themselves without resorting to deadly violence. In response, innovative solutions are emerging – alternatives that prioritize de-escalation over destruction. One such solution gaining popularity is the Byrna, a kinetic projectile launcher designed to incapacitate threats without inflicting permanent harm. According to experts […]

German Doctor Sentenced to Years in Prison for Writing Patients COVID Shot Exemptions

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COVID tyranny has largely abated here in the United States, but that’s not true in other countries. Most of our leaders would like everyone to forget that the pandemic brought out their inner Hitler. In Germany, they want the people to know that the spirit of Hitler is alive and well. A 67-year-old doctor has […]

The Great Kinkajou Conundrum: A Rainforest Native Lost in Central Washington

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In a bizarre incident that has left authorities scratching their heads, a lone kinkajou – an unusual mammal resembling a hybrid of a monkey and miniature bear – turned up unexpectedly at a roadside rest area amidst the arid landscape of central Washington State earlier this week. Native to lush rainforests stretching across Latin America, […]

Is It Time Biden Gets Replaced?

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We’ve seen how Biden’s been performing. Do you think the DNC needs to replace him as the Democratic candidate? Take the poll now: Can’t see the poll? Click HERE.

QR Codes: Don’t Just Scan, It Could Be a Scam!

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With millions of people using Quick-Response (QR) codes daily, experts warn that these seemingly harmless squares hold a hidden threat – exposing users to identity theft. These are those little squares that you see everywhere – menus, parking garages, concert venues, and everywhere else. According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), unsuspecting individuals may fall […]

Top 10 Ridiculously Easy Ways To Save Money On Gas

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As we all know, liberal policies have driven gasoline prices through the roof! It’s getting harder to afford to hit the open road without breaking the bank. But fear not, fellow patriots! There are plenty of common-sense solutions to slash those pesky gas bills – regardless of whatever wild swings happen in global markets! It […]

Justice Finally Prevails: Indiana Prepares For First Execution In Over 15 Years

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Governor Eric Holcomb took bold action yesterday announcing plans to execute convicted murderer Joseph Corcoran, marking the Hoosier State’s return to upholding capital punishment following a decade-and-a-half hiatus. This long-overdue decision comes courtesy of securing access to the necessary medication – specifically, pentobarbitol – required for carrying out these sentences via lethal injection. As stated […]

Shopify’s Latest Upgrade? A Bunch of Robots Writing Witty Customer Emails

While many people fear that AI will take over, others are literally handing over the keys to AI tools to get help in the business world. In a significant move to bolster its capabilities, Shopify (SHOP.T) unveiled a slew of innovative solutions infused with cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI). This strategic push comes amid a global […]

Mortgage Rates Skyrocket, House Prices Still Climb Like It’s 1999

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In its latest report, the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) revealed that US single-family home prices maintained their upward trajectory in April, albeit at a slower pace than previous periods. This moderation is largely attributed to rising borrowing costs exerting downward pressure on housing demand, which in turn contributes to an increase in available properties. […]