New Yorker Learns Why Keying a Car with “Let’s Go Brandon” Sticker in the South is a Bad Idea

Faliena Rome /
Faliena Rome /

As you have likely heard, liberally run states don’t really care about crime any more, as is apparent by the rising crime in cities like New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago. However, the same can definitely not be said of the American South.

And one New Yorker just learned that lesson the hard way.

Richard Brothers of Syracuse, New York, was recently visiting the Florida Keys, staying in a vacation home in Summerland Key, which is about 25 miles from Key West. One day, he went to the local Winn Dixie, apparently to buy “some coffee and key lime pie.”

While he was there, he saw a truck parked in the lot with a “Let’s Go Brandon” sticker on it, a common enough thing to see in the South.

If you remember, the “Let’s Go Brandon” phrase began in 2022 during a NASCAR race at Alabama’s Talladega Superspeedway. The crowd was chanting “F*ck Joe Biden,” but a confused NBC reporter misheard it and thought they were saying “Let’s go Brandon,” supposedly cheering on driver Brandon Brown.

In any case, the phrase has become part of the pro-Trump and anti-Biden movement.

So naturally, this liberal New Yorker wasn’t all that pleased to see it.

But rather than just simply being annoyed, Brothers decided to key the green Toyota Tundra, scratching about $6000 worth of property damage into it, according to the Gateway Pundit.

And unfortunately for Brothers, it was all caught on camera.

So, when the owner wanted to press charges, sheriff’s deputies were sent to his vacation home to arrest him.

After hem-hawing around and trying to play dumb, Brothers eventually admitted that yes, he had “scratched it,” and yes, he had done it all because of a lousy bumper sticker.

So arrested, Brothers most definitely was. Because, unlike in New York, Florida doesn’t take too kindly to crime. And since the damage was over $1000, that crime was ratcheted up to a felony instead of minor criminal mischief.

It also meant that the deputy didn’t need a warrant to arrest Brothers.

As the deputy told another approaching one, “He said he saw the bumper sticker, and it infuriated him, so he keyed the car.” The second deputy replied, “Well, that’s going to cost him.” The arresting deputy then said, “Like $6000.”

So, word to any liberals looking to travel south: don’t act like you’re still in your crime-infested haven. It will cost you.