Ukraine Farm Minister is the Latest Official Arrested for Stealing US Taxpayer Money

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Ukraine Agriculture Minister Oleksandr Solskyi was arrested over the weekend on charges of organized crime. He’s just the latest in a string of high-ranking Ukrainian officials to be busted for skimming money off all the foreign aid checks that Joe Biden and Congress continue sending to the corrupt Eastern European nation.

Ukraine’s High Anti-Corruption Court ordered Solskyi to be held in jail for 60 days initially, but the farm minister was quickly able to post a $1.77 million bond. That sounds normal, right? Farm ministers from obscure European countries just have $1.77 million USD lying around to post bail with all the time, right?

Over the past two years, the head of Ukraine’s intelligence service, a top prosecutor, the nation’s defense minister, and other top officials have been fired for skimming money off all the foreign aid that America and NATO have stupidly sent to the corrupt little country. A few months ago, Joe Biden’s CIA Director William Burns went to Ukraine to specifically tell President/Dictator Volodymyr Zelensky that he and his generals were skimming too much money out of the piles of cash that America was sending.

Zelensky immediately fired nine of his top government officials. Not that this has stopped Zelensky from enriching himself. He made headlines last month when he suddenly purchased the historic Highgrove House in the UK, the former summer residence of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. Zelensky shamelessly paid $21.8 million for the luxury estate.

Solskyi’s arrest comes immediately on the heels of Joe Biden signing away another $60 billion in US taxpayer dollars to be given to Ukraine. This is what the money is paying for. The war has long since been lost by Ukraine, which never had any hope of winning, to begin with. All we’re doing now by sending additional aid is making more Ukrainian oligarchs wealthy at our expense.