Reasons Why Your Next Splurge Should Be a Drone

Sarayut Sridee /
Sarayut Sridee /

There has always been curiosity about what’s in the sky—birds, planes, helicopters, and more.

It is this same wonderment that leads us to explore flight from new perspectives. Unlike a plane (regardless of its size), drones don’t need a wide pathway to get airborne. They are incredibly stable, even in moderate winds. They also don’t have a steep learning curve for operation.

In many jurisdictions, you don’t need to have a license to operate them, but that varies from state to state and even city to city. As springtime approaches, you NEED to get a drone. Grandparents, or single pringle; hobbyists, or amateur videographers, they are for everyone.

1. Let’s start out with this simple fact: They’re fun!

You don’t need a second job, and especially a second job that doesn’t pay right away. Instead, you need something relaxing that COULD turn into a revenue stream if you want it to be. That, my friend, is EXACTLY what drones were made for. Consumer or pro level, you get a drone, and you’re having a blast.

2. Gathering of Data

If you’re even moderately intelligent, you find yourself curious about where things are and how they look from another perspective. Sure, you know where that boundary line is, but how deep does that lawn look from the other side when compared to the neighbors? Did you see the neighbor racing a box truck through an easement on your land at 2 am? Grab the drone and get that information. Drones are capable of capturing amazing video at incredible heights, and the neighbors will never know you were checking up on the back of your property.

If there’s a property line dispute, you can use your drone to settle it, too. It’s easy peasy (and a lot cheaper than getting the government entities involved).

3. New Opportunities

Across the globe, drone operators are needed in a variety of capacities. A group of wildlife scientists used drones and outside operators to study the migration patterns of birds. They have been used to monitor the damage from famine across Africa. On big farms in The Plains, farmers use them to track the movements of cattle as well as the monitoring of invasive species on their lands.

4. Teaching

Drones are an invaluable tool to get the kids to get into STEM. This hands-on device feeds their love of electronic devices while putting a practical application of the principles of STEM in their control. Through intuitive safety devices in most mid-tier and above drones, crashing is greatly reduced over the drones of even 2022. Being able to read the landscape has made these drones stealthier and more responsive than we ever could have imagined.

You’ll find that your kids will want to spend more time interacting with your educational lesson, too, when there’s a drone involved.

5. Barriers to Entry

Unlike other forms of aviation drones can be found incredibly cheap, especially on the used market. While they keep their value to a degree, they aren’t like owning a plane. They also don’t do as much and have a much smaller payload capacity. It keeps the costs to get a license and to jump into commercial drone work with FAA certifications very reasonable. While it certainly means more opportunities to make something happen for you with drones.

6. A Sense of Community

Drone pilots are a group of people who are all doing this together, even if their goals are separate. Working together to advocate at the local, state, and national levels, hobbyists and professional drone pilots are all after the same thing. A common goal is to keep the skies safe while also enjoying their drones and getting the footage desired. When you have the latest model, all eyes will be on you.

Drones are the latest and greatest tool in an equal playing field. Kids and adults across the globe can learn about and experience flight for a variety of reasons. It can be a hobby or a profession, and either way, you’re bound to have fun. Much like you never see a sad person on a jet ski, you never see one flying a drone, either.

Now, all you have to do is decide which model is right for you.