FL Woman’s Carjacking and Corpse Serve as a Reminder of How Dangerous It Is Out There

Daniel Jedzura / shutterstock.com
Daniel Jedzura / shutterstock.com

For 31-year-old Homestead, FL resident Katherine Altagracia Guerrero De Aguasvivas, it seems like it was a day like any other. At an intersection, her Dodge Durango was approached from behind by a green Acura. Sitting there, an armed and ski-mask-clad man exited the Acura and approached her window, brandishing a pistol that was aimed at her. Unlocking her door as she was told, the man slipped inside, and she drove away with the Acura following.

A witness behind her car had been recording the incident and called 911 but it was unfortunately too late. Unfortunately, just hours later, her burned-out vehicle and remains were discovered.

Seminole County Sheriff Dennis M. Lemma later said, “It is incredibly frightening to watch the boldness of this suspect, this perpetrator getting out of the car, wearing a hood, carrying a weapon in broad daylight, getting in the vehicle. There is no clear indicator of why somebody would do this. But we do feel and believe…that this was not a random act of violence. The perpetrators knew exactly who they were going after, why they were going after them.”

Investigators say the woman was originally from the Dominican Republic and had called her husband when chased by the Acura, who rammed the rear of her vehicle multiple times. Neither of them bothered to call 911 at this point either. Lemma posed questions about this during his press conference, as well as her decision to stop at a red light in such a situation. He says these are answers we may never know the answers to either.

Found in nearby Osceola County hours later were the charred remains of her vehicle as well as Guerrero’s charred body. Discovered after locals heard gunshots and saw the smoke from the vehicle fire at a construction site, reports indicate a dozen 10mm casings were found as well as one unspent round. While it doesn’t leave a significant amount of info to go on, traffic cams in the area should be able to help.